Top Internships in Pittsburgh

Top Internships in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh isn't just close to business centers such as New York, Boston or Washington, D.C., it's actually a major business center in its own right with several top companies, including eight in the Fortune 500. And where great companies are, there's also bound to be great internship opportunities.

Known as "The Steel City," Pittsburgh has shown itself to be adaptable. No longer fully reliant on the industry that gave the city its nickname (although US Steel has internship opportunities as well), Pittsburgh now boasts strong industries such as technology, tourism and finance. So whatever industry you're looking to break into, chances are Pittsburgh has an internship opportunity worth applying for.

For instance, food manufacturer Heinz has its headquarters in Pittsburgh, and has an extensive internship program with paid positions. Bayer also calls Pittsburgh home, and has internship opportunities in Pittsburgh and throughout the country.

Other notable opportunities:

  • Dick's Sporting Goods (retail) has a 12-week summer internship program for students between their junior and senior years, with programs including merchandising and product development.
  • Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (research) – Looking to do research in the fields of psychology, education, computer science or language technologies? PSLC at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh has summer research opportunities for students.
  • Pittsburgh City Paper (journalism) – Paid and unpaid internships are available at this "Arts, Entertainment & News Weekly," and they don't want you to just fetch coffee either. If you're looking to research and write stories, this could be the opportunity you're looking for.
  • Pittsburgh Public Theater (entertainment) – From anything to sound, costume or lighting design to administration and finance, you can learn what it's like to work at a great theater in a variety of internship roles.

Most schools have well-developed internship programs with connections at businesses throughout Pittsburgh. Use our quick and private forms to request more information from schools in Pittsburgh about their internship placement services.

Visit Monster College for a more complete list of internships and jobs for students and recent graduates in Pittsburgh and around the U.S.

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